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Nalli's reverence during Diwali transcends into every weave, creating sareees that carry stories of tradition and grace. This Kanjeevaram beauty holds a special place - worn 25 years ago for my vidai. A gift from my mum-in-law, it was too gorgeous to wait for assistance. I shocked many by dressing myself! Happy and cherishing sweet memories.


Nalli has always been my trusted source for sarees, but receiving this exquisite gift from my mentor was truly special. Wearing it during Durga Puja garnered many compliments - the perfect choice. To me, a saree epitomizes beauty and grace. It's universal appeal, adaptable across social classes, reflects it's transformation from India's initial seamless garment to an emblem of femininity.


Nallis holds a cherished place in our family's heart, weaving timeless threads of tradition. From my grandma's era to now, we've embraced the warmth of Nallis sarees. Our recent Sadabhishekam celebration became a tapestry of memories, draped in exquisite Kanjeevaram sarees. My mother, sister, daughter, and I shared the joy, each donning a unique piece from Nallis. The pink Kanjeevaram I wore became a radiant symbol of our enduring connection with this beautiful tradition. Gratitude, Nallis, for dressing our family milestones!


Coming from a Bengali background, finding the perfect Banarasi saree for my wedding day was of utmost importance. I desired a lightweight saree that could be effortlessly worn not only on my Wedding-Day but also on various other occasions. The Katan silk Banarasi saree surpassed my expectations, adorned with exquisite zari motifs, complementing the vibrant dual tones of raani pink and bright red. For years, @nallisilksarees has been our preferred destination for saree shopping. I am delighted that it played a significant role on my special day and will continue to hold a cherished place in my heart and the generations to come.

-Ritika saha

When my in-laws visited Chennai, we ventured into the heart of tradition, Nalli Chinnaswamy Chetty, for a Kanchipuram Silk saree. The warmth of the store felt more inclusive and prioritized by the customer service. In just 20 minutes, we found the perfect light blue saree that blended elegance with timelessness. Wearing it to my Delhi office, I was overwhelmed with compliments, rivaling those of my wedding attire! As the head of Communications at a TVS group company, I appreciate authenticity. Nalli’s sarees are a true reflection. Excitedly planning my next visit to Nalli Chennai for more silk treasures!

-Niharika kapoor

I’ve recently delved into the world of sarees, exploring various fabrics, colours, and styles, which is a newfound passion of mine. With our family's tradition of wearing new clothes on Ashtami during Durga Puja, I opted for a cotton silk saree from Nalli. I always prioritize comfort, and this saree was an ideal choice for the occasion. It made me feel elegant and allowed me to comfortably hop between pandals while turning heads with the look I put together :)

-Surabhi Jha

Hi there! I'm Lamia from Bangladesh, and let me tell you, Nalli is like family to me! Their traditional sarees are my absolute favorite. I'm currently rocking a stunning golden organza silk saree with beautiful zari weaving. It's not just a saree; it's a confidence booster that brings out my features. Nalli has this magical way of making me feel like I'm part of a warm, saree-loving family. Grateful for the beautiful touch they add to my life.

-Rubaiyat Tasnim

Namaste! I am Riti Mishra from Bhubaneswar, Odisha. Currently a student, I have always loved draping sarees and experimenting with them. In 2018, I purchased this Kalamkari saree from Nalli Silks in Bengaluru. This saree stole my heart at first sight, exuding an elegant vibe and an ancient royal aesthetic. I have received plenty of compliments on this saree. It's a versatile piece that can be styled in many ways. I look forward to many more such experiences and would love to shop more in the future. Thank you so much.

-Riti Mishra