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Frequently Asked Questions

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This collection contains the most exquisite Silk Sarees made from the finest Silk threads for every cherishable moment in a woman’s life..


Wishlist holds the list of items that a customer has chosen and wishes to buy at a later stage. Customer’s can then access their wishlist and review their chosen items. For using this service customers are required to create a login at Henceforth, they can login to their account and can add items to their wishlist by clicking the Wishlist button as they browse through the site. The items in the wishlist can be reviewed at a later session by logging on to their account using the (Wishlist) and customers can then proceed to buy them. (Note : Selecting an item to the wishlist does not gaurantee the availability of the item for purchase at any point of time)


Payment Using Credit Card This Credit Card facility is available for shopping the items only under Online Shop. The Credit Card currently accepted by the sites are and Amex cards only. Our Credit Card Transactions are handled by Verisign Payment Gateway using Secured Socket Layers. Currently we accept payments in INR only. If you use a Non-INR currency Credit Card for purchasing in our site, our bank will automatically convert it to your home currency based on today exchange rates. Your Credit Card Company may also charge the currency conversion fee for this service and your final price may be affected by such fees. is not responsible for such charges as they are entire responsibility of the buyer.


Customers who wish to register with us are required to provide their profile while registering with us. This profile can be modified at a later stage by logging into their account using the link( My Account ) and clicking on the ( Account Information ) link. back-to-top


Customers who have registered with us, maitain a customer mail id and a password to their account. This password can be changed by logging on to their account using the link (My Account) and clicking on the (Account Information).


Customers who have registered with us, maintain a customer mail id and a password to their account. If a customer has forgotten his/her password, they can click on the “Forgot Your Password” link present in the customer login page and submit their customer mail id. A mail containing the customer’s password would be sent to mail address present as the customer’s mail id.


The customer can view the status of his/her order by logging into the account using the link “My Account”.


After placing an order with us, the customer can cancel the whole order or a single item in the order by sending a mail to One exception to this is when the order status is “Delivered” or the “Order is in Process”.


The delivery details for an order can be changed only by sending a mail to The delivery details can be changed only if the order status is not “Delivered” or “Order in Process”. back-to-top


If a customer wishes to cancel his/her account, he/she is requested to mail to


You can add the items of your preference to the cart by clicking the add to cart link (addtocart). Once the cart is full, the items in the cart should be submitted for billing or deleted from the cart for new items to be added to the cart.


Our store has different product type such as Silk Sarees. The Silk Sarees has different sub types such as Wedding Sarees and Party Wear.


Our site is powered by search engine by which you can search our collection to get the appropriate garments satisfying your requirement. We also have Color option and Price option. According to the options selected by user the search engine produces the result.


Once customers place an order with us, they can track their orders by logging into their account and can view the current status of their order. After their orders are dispatched, they are provided with the tracking numbers using which they can track their shipment in the shipment agency’s website.


Shipment charges depend on the weight of the sarees which would be displayed to the customer in the Final Order Details page.

For Items Purchased under Online Shop if delivery address is in California state, then 8% state tax is applicable. Approximate charges for UPS ground shipping is $15. Delivery times vary, depending on the availability. For further clarifications, please mail to:


Please note that we are currently offering delivery in more than 230 countries through out the world.

India: We will need 5 working days from the date of confirmation of order to deliver the sarees in India.

Other Countries: We will need 10 working days from the date of confirmation of order to deliver the sarees in other countries. Please note that the sarees will be sent from India.

For Abroad countries, we deliver the shipments through DHL worldwide. As soon as we dispatch the sarees, we provide you with the Shipments Airway bill number. You can track your shipments at or

In case, there is no Courier Service to the address mentioned, the consignment will be sent through Indian Speed Post OR Registered Post.

NOTE: Please note that if the payment mode is through Cheques and Demand Draft, the order will be processed after the cheque has been realised.